The truth about Stop Smoking Hypnosis

A powerful tool in the battle to quit smoking is stop smoking hypnosis – using hypnotic suggestions to help you break the habit.

Hypnosis has been used for quite some time to help alter the way one thinks and has been attributed to helping people lose weight, helping to relive pain, curing insomnia and even helping to improve athletic performance. Many people have been able to quite smoking with the help of hypnosis because hypnosis addresses the psychological reasons for smoking unlike patches or nicotine gum which address the physical reasons. Check out more on the website: michael carthy hypnosis.

You see, smoking, while a physical addiction, is also a very strong habit. You always light a cigarette after you eat, if you don’t have one with your coffee every morning then it seems like something just isn’t right. When you get stressed out, where do you run for comfort? To your cigarettes of course! For many people smoking gives the smoker some sort of gratification – it is a replacement for something that may be missing from your life. For others smoking might be linked to a traumatic event.

Stop smoking hypnosis attempts to address these psychological reasons for smoking and reprogram your mind so that you no longer “need” the cigarettes. It uses the power of your sub conscious mind to help you no longer be dependent on the cigarettes. Also for weed, you’re looking at a completely different ball game, look at the reasons to stop weed before you continue on.

One reason that hypnosis might not work for a lot of smokers is that it isn’t going to miraculously have you quitting after just one session. It has taken years for you to build up the “reasons” your subconscious mind has for smoking so it might take a few sessions for these stored up emotions and reasons to be replaced with new ones. More information on this is available on the following link to Michael Carthy’s Website: Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in London.

During hypnosis, you will first relax your mind. This will make the subconscious more receptive. There are a few ways to do this and don’t be surprised if it takes a bit of practice before you can really relax your mind. Next you will work on training your subconscious mind to let go of the urge to smoke – you will suggest to it that smoking is no longer desirable, you are glad you will never smoke and so on.

You can do stop smoking hypnosis on yourself, listen to tapes or see a hypnotist that specializes in this type of behavioral modification. Either way, it will be a positive step!