Stage Hypnosis

As a Hypnotherapist, many people ask about the views on Stage Hypnosis. Stage Hypnosis was ‘unethical’ and ‘damaging’ to the profession of Hypnotherapy and this was being said from a long time. The most amazing thing was that a person who wrote this letter to a hypnotherapist was himself a practicing therapist. He actually decided to become a Hypnotherapist after seeing a Stage Hypnosis show on television back in the 90’s.

This is one reason why many therapist advocate stage hypnosis and the reason for that is it interests people. It also makes them aware of the benefit of Hypnosis. It also makes them aware of the power of the human mind. Just the way this hypnotherapist got motivated with the TV show and how he actually became one therapist. This guy has mentioned that he has helped hundreds of people over his career and if you can think of it for a moment, what if there was no stage hypnosis, this would have never happened. This guy would have never been able to start off and been able to help so many people in his path of life.

There are no reasons and probably it is beyond the understanding as to why many Hypnotherapy organizations around the world haven’t actually grasped that Stage Hypnosis is a vehicle which allows the benefits of hypnosis to be widely understood. But the fact remains that there are a few organizations who promote therapies that hold little or not scientific explanations whatsoever.

For example there has been an organization in the UK which us attempting at ‘mainstream’, but unfortunately they choose to reject the necessity of Stage Hypnosis. This is a confusing thing and after all, all Stage Hypnosis actually is, is an entertaining way for putting across the power and the benefit of Hypnosis and this is nothing but plain science.

There are some therapists who really support Stage Hypnosis and there is a hope that it would be prevalent all around the world. This needs to be done very ethically and by showing the power of the mind to individuals and to audiences. This can be done through an entertaining medium. This is the ideal to reach a certain portion of our society. This will also help them to understand the benefits of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

In reality, hypnosis is placing a person into a kind of trance. It is just a psychological condition where they are more open to suggestion. The subconscious comes alive and it is used widely for healing purposes.
Stage hypnotists put members of the audience into a relaxed state. They used many techniques for this but usually used to use verbal soothing. The person appears to be in a trance. He can then be made to perform speech or actions.